The data archive of provides information on significant wave height (SWH) according to the selected wind wave hindcast

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Each of the selected wave hindcast (ERA5-WW3, CFSR-WW3, MERRA2-WW3, ERAi-WW3) is available through the Data Access Protocol (DAP). The data can be accessed in two ways described below: downloading to local PC or using direct access. Both ways require an account at WAVE-HINDCAST server. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up. After recieving an e-mail of confirmation of registration at you can sign in.

Direct access

This approach to getting the data is preferable. It exploits the full capacity of the Data Access Protocol and avoids downloading huge amounts of data. You access one of the wave hindcasts inside your script, therefore your programming language of choice must have libraries that implement the Data Access Protocol.

pip install Pydap requests lxml
from pydap.client import open_url
from pydap.cas.get_cookies import setup_session

# connect to the NAAD database
session = setup_session("",

# get the file handler
dataset = open_url('',

# read the variable
var = dataset['hs']

# print the array sizes

Download to a local machine

This way of obtaining the data may be more conventional but is not recommended because it is generally slow and takes a lot of storage on a user's machine. Nevertheless, two methods are available:

To access the data you need to sign in to the WAVE-HINDCAST server. You will then be able to see the file structure and to download the wave hindcast data manually.

The example below downloads all files with SWH according to the CFSR-WW3 hindcast in the folder Don't forget to replace USER_NAME and USER_PASSWORD with your username and password.

CSRF=`wget -qO- --keep-session-cookies --save-cookies $COOKIES_FILE $LOGIN_PAGE \
    | grep "csrfmiddlewaretoken"|sed -e's/.*name=\"//;s/value//;s/[\",\>,\ ]//g;'`;
wget -qO- --keep-session-cookies --load-cookies $COOKIES_FILE \
    --save-cookies $COOKIES_FILE  \
    --post-data "username=$USERNAME&password=$PASSWORD&$CSRF" \
    --referer $LOGIN_PAGE $LOGIN_PAGE
wget --keep-session-cookies --load-cookies $COOKIES_FILE \
    -r --no-parent

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