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A comparison between four different wind-wave hindcasts computed by forcing the WaveWatch III model

For those who faced with selection of an appropriate atmospheric forcing to generate wave hindcast at global or regional scale this description goes out.


We performed four long-term (1980-2019) wind-wave hindcasts based on ERA5, CFSR, MERRA2, ERA-Interim atmospheric reanalyses:

Boundary conditions Source Spatial Resolution (lat x lon) Wave hindcast Component
ERA5 ECMWF 0.25° × 0.25° ERA5-WW3 Hs
CFSR NCEP 0.312° × 0.312° CFSR-WW3 Hs
MERRA2 NASA 0.5° × 0.625° MERRA2-WW3 Hs
ERA-Interim ECMWF 0.7° × 0.7° ERAi-WW3 Hs

We simulate significant wave height for the 40 year period (in WaveWatch III model output abbreviation is Hs).